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A strong government is the

A strong government is the tool to coerce and corral the people. Without a strong government, people are generally free to pursue their lives and prosper.

While its true that there will always be rich people and poor masses, the rich have far fewer tools to exploit the public without a strong central government.

When government cannot force people to go to war, then people can opt out by not signing up for military service to man the war. When there is no income tax or property tax, people have a strong check on whether they want to fund the war. Meanwhile when there is a legitimate threat to the country, America has not generally had a shortage of manpower or finances to defend its citizens. I suspect this trend would continue if a true external threat emerges. This dynamic protects the country while mitigating the ability of powerful individuals to manipulate the populace.

In sum I disagree that a strong government is needed. Government has the power to prosecute criminals who are defrauding others. If, as is often the case, the government fails to prosecute the powerful, then the powerful may get away with some crimes. But they are always subject to any local sheriff or prosecutor bringing charges against them, limiting their ability to conduct crimes on a wide scale.

Strong central governments create powerful tools for the rich to oppress the poor. Decentralized governments limit their ability to do so, while subjecting them to any maverick sheriff in whose jurisdiction they commit a crime. Much more dangerous to the elite, in my opinion.