Comment: ha...govt. job:) The U.S.

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ha...govt. job:) The U.S.

ha...govt. job:)

The U.S. Corp did NOT force your parents to fill out a birth certificate nor an application for social security. YES, they did hand them the papers, and yes they probably implied it was mandatory, but it wasnt.

I am not that familiar with Dean Clifford.
The birth certificate is bad! In the United States a birth certificate declares a birth "within the UNITED STATES" and establishes "residency" in the "UNITED STATES" which means federal zone.

    The most common documents that establish U.S. citizenship are:

    Birth Certificate, issued by a U.S. State (if the person was born in the United States), or by the U.S. Department of State (if the person was born abroad to U.S. citizen parents who registered the child’s birth and U.S. citizenship with the U.S. Embassy or consulate);

U.S. citizenship is BAD, it means you are a citizen of the FEDERAL government, therefore not one of the "People" in one of the "States of the Union", but rather of the UNITED STATES and only "residing" in one of the states. "citizens of the United States" are "treated as residing in the District of Columbia

As a beneficiary of ANYTHING there are always obligations. In the U.S., being a Federal citizen entitles you to easy credit and federal protections (welfare, unemployment, affirmative action, equal opportunities) and therefore, you must pay into that protective system.

All Americans' rights vanish by contract, either implied, presumed, or actually applied for. THIS is why I say we need to remove these presumptions, we need to distance ourselves from these adhesion contracts and void them where possible...not accept and endorse them.

From everything Ive ever read, Supreme Law is the most accurate, in my opinion.