Comment: Nice time..

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Nice time..

It was an interesting mix of people.

The Tea Party Express is this cheesy roadshow, with rappers, country singers, and a couple of other goofy entertainers IMO..

It was kinda "mousekateer-ish"

Anyway, the majority of the crowd were visible RP supporters and their voices got heard today. I think it was good for the johnny come lately "tea party" Palin/Beck 9/12 types to see a WIDE range of Ron Paul supporters. I saw quite a few elderly people, combat veterans for RP, of course the (YAL) "young people," and all ages in between.
It was a good mix, and hopefully these TPE folks will support the good doctor when the time comes. Now would be even better.

Got to see some old friends and meet some new quality people. Glad I went. Grandmaster "Nui" should have a video up at some point.