Comment: It has a name for it: Treason

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It has a name for it: Treason

It is our job to remind them of that everyday. We should organize against them. Cheating Ron Paul is just the beginning. They divide and conquer the American people - black against white, rich against poor, people against occupy, left vs right, young vs old, anglo against hispanic, americans against muslims. There's alot of other groups can't think of them off hand. Actually it is George Orwell's 1984 "Five Minutes of Hate", except its daily in a constant loop for the poor sots who tune in.... They tune in, waiting to hear some hope. What they get are crumbs, sprinkled with 24 hours of hate. Collectively we are all one maybe we'll live to see the power of that with tools of the internet. Here is proof that love and gratitude can change the world. It is work of a japanese scientist also writes about the group of people that chanted love and gratitude over the most polluted lake in japan - it actually purified it. He experiments with frequencies - opposite frequencies. We collectively have huge power and we could maybe detox planet earth, perhaps even Fukashima. Sounds crazy? try the rice experiment: His name is Emoto. Einstein's greatest discovery: "The universe is interactive". Don't forget! Stay in Love and Gratitude while fighting the good fight! While streaming live in Maine and NV Ron Paul had people standing by in Czech Rep, Spain, India, Scotland yesterday! The technology is a gift and cyberspace is unlimited. We just need to wrestle all of this away from those retard goons who grab everything.