Comment: The Crowd?

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The Crowd?

It looks like this was a great event. I especially like the (almost) endorsement of Ted Cruz for Senate by Dr. Paul. I live in Texas, in Ron Paul's district, and there are so many people running for his seat, as well as for Senate. I have been trying to figure out the field, and RP's opinions would mean a lot to me. Dr. Paul's silence on the field to replace him is deafening.

Ok, now for my concern. When I looked at these videos, the first thing I thought was, 7,000? It just doesn't look possible to me. Then, Ted Cruz's campaign in a news article mentioned 1,500, which seems much closer to what I see. How was 7,000 arrived at?

I really dislike these excessive crowd estimates. It makes us look like uncritical fanboys. We have to keep our rationality with us as we push the Liberty message and Ron Paul.