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Hi Debbie

As far as Ron Paul rallies go this one was different for me. This was the first I had attended since the 2008 campaign. The environment at the event was multi focused, lots of different candidates were represented. I wish I could have shown the rally how I saw it, I hope to in the near future. I could only pick a few moments to stream.

To your other point, I did interview people that I felt were important while the rally was on. The big names get attention and coverage but I feel allot of other folks are requiring attention and saying the same thing and for me they are more powerfull. It’s an editorial decision; I have worked to allow full access to information, like a live stream of just the speakers or the crowd in separate streams. In the future I will have "just raw streams (Ron,Rand or whatever) and I will have a produced channel similar to the controlled media. This time I had 60% battery power and 2 hrs of rally to try and cover. I did record allot more on digital recorders but they are a different production all together.

Any of you all have any streaming media contacts ideas suggestions, I would appreciate it.