Comment: Unbinding violates RNC rules...

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Unbinding violates RNC rules...

As bad as I want to see the delegates of all the states unbound, it seems the RNC rules are pretty clear that it cannot be done:

Rule 15(c)(12):

"No delegates or alternate delegates shall be elected, selected, allocated, or bound pursuant to any Republican Party rule of a state or state law which materially changes the manner of electing, selecting, allocating, or binding delegates or alternate delegates or the date upon which such state Republican Party holds a presidential primary, caucus, convention, or meeting for the purpose of voting for a presidential candidate and/or electing, selecting, allocating, or binding delegates to the national convention if such changes were adopted or made effective after October 1 of the year before the year in which the national convention is to be held."

I'm not sure what the "punishment" is, but this seems pretty cut-and-dried to me.