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Get Involved

Yes, I don't want to be overly discouraging to those who don't know the process, but you do not have a role in the delegate process if you did not get elected at your local unit mass meeting.

Which leads me to this observation: The local unit committees in my area of southwest VA are very sparsely supported. At the mass meeting here in Montgomery County, we only had about 35 or so people attend. Of these, perhaps half turned in paperwork to move on as delegates to district and state.

When I was in college, my FRATERNITY had more people in it, than showed up to the mass meeting. The presidential nominating process may already be well underway, but I would urge you to, without delay if possible, grab your friends, join the local unit committee, and get involved at the local level.

The folks in my county were very friendly and welcoming, and many of the older folks from my county delegation at the district convention were floored about how many young people were there. One of the young gentleman running for national delegate really helped drive this point home, when he said that he wanted "to send a message to Obama that he doesn't have a monopoly on my generation."

I think in their hearts, republicans know that their party is withering, and will surely die without an infusion of new blood.

In short, dress appropriately, be polite and friendly, and have fun. I met several of our candidates for Senator this year, and heard all of them speak. If you want to see change in the Republican Party, you must BECOME the audience that these candidates make a point of driving across the state to speak to.