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Not familiar with Dean Clifford? .... Shame on You :) ... LOL

I used to dig through code/rules/regulations/statutes like everyone else, trying to figure this mess out and find a loophole here or there that would be the ticket to our freedom. Been all over Teamlaw and Supreme Laws sites a thousand times.

My brain was scrambled with codes and statutes until I started watching Dean Clifford's seminars. Do yourself a favor and take the time to watch the first link above of that three part series.

Just watch Part 1 and see where it takes you :)

After watching that seminar, you will see things from a totally different perspective. I used to have people send me videos, seminars, etc. and I was so entangled in the "code book" and "statutes", I just thought to myself "I don't have time to watch this or that, I know what I need to know already", and boy, did I find out I was on the wrong path; chasing my tail, until I started watching Dean's seminars.

After you watch that seminar, you won't think the birth certificate is so bad :)