Comment: Bunce is not Doug Wead

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Bunce is not Doug Wead

Too Bad...
Although this is the first I've seen or heard him,
I believe he needed to drive home this point:

The Caucus/Delegate selection is the real mechanism of our electoral process, much like the electoral college vs. popular vote.

The Straw vote is essentially a minority vote and not the
"true" indication of the people's true choice.

Delegate selection IS the "true" measure of this.

Romney is not "really" the "presumed nominee", and this process
acts to weed out any "mistaken presumptions" by "certain individuals"
who may have a less than noble agenda.

The past practice of 2008 mentioned here where McCain had a minority straw poll vote and got the "Delegate Plurality" is what's happening today.....don't make it a "pissin contest" because the Lt Gov was "selected" and Bunce was denied...bad tactic.

Learn from this inward honest critique without beating one's self up over it is a constructive exercise.

And can be viewed as a "skirmish"....resolve to win the next battle, and eventually the war itself.

All in all not a bad interview, and yes....the Lt Gov also seemed to be on the edge of his seat...he's just more experienced, that's all.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!