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My name is Larry Dalton

I am a 52 year old who has an identical twin brother named Terry (aka Will Powers...see yahoo blogs). I live in Cherry Valley, IL.

I am from a family of GOP supporters. My Grandmother Nell Dalton was the GOP person who ran the southern half of Cape Girardeau County in MO. Rush Limbaughs Dad was their lawyer, he ran the north 1/2 of Cape county. My Dad, Bill Dalton saved the younger Rush from suffocating in a grain bin accident in Delta MO. Whoops?

My brother and I run an environmental consulting company in Illinois. We are making a difference in the way Gas Stations are cleaned up in Illinois. Instead of Digging and hauling contaminated soil to a landfill we clean it up in place. We use Hydrogen Peroxide to convert gasoline to CO2 and water in a process known as Fentons Reagent. You can see our process by going to you tube and typing "newdayenvironmental". FYI you can see my son Quincy playing guitar there as well.

We were supporters of Ross Perot and then lost hope, until now.

Go Ron Paul
"You can fix Stupid"

This time don't give us Barabbus!