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Sounds like...

...the truth!

Many people are finally catching on to the mitney/kerry/mccain/dole stooge and his role in playing the fall guy. This is being discussed all over the net today. Give thanks for the truth that spreads like fire across the prairies of America.

This is exactly what WILL happen. What a funny game it is to watch as they play people like three dollar bills.

The good news is, the People are waking fast to the corruption and lies of the media, the mittney, and the soterobama.

Who ever could continue the support for these bankster puppet clowns is beyond mental help.

IF we get to the election without some kind of horrendous event taking place, we will see Ron Paul elected. The only realization about that is, IF the banksters let him win, it will be watch out after that as they let Ron Paul steer the ship into the ground where it is headed anyways. We will know more after the bilderberg meeting coming up here soon.

One would hope for Ron Paul to be the one that is President when that happens, if it does not happen before to shut down the election, so we are at least free to survive under his leadership, instead of having to survive and fend off the govt that is at war with it's own people.

One day at a time...and pray isreal does not do a false flag event any day now.