Comment: Hello Angie---thank you for coming to check out Dr. Paul.

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Hello Angie---thank you for coming to check out Dr. Paul.

I actually am a 4 month Ron Paul supporter. For me, financial issues are most important. You will find Dr. Paul has been a central figure
in fighting for fiscal sanity. Dr. Paul is an economic scholar, and whereas many people are Keynesian economists, Dr. Paul is a supporter of Austrian economics. Keynesians try to discredit Dr. Paul, as they want to print more and more money backed by thin air to cause your dollar to become worth less and less.

Many financial people support Dr. Paul and think he is the only one who understands the fiscal mess this country is in. Some supporters include Nassim Taleb, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, and so many others.

You probably know Dr. Paul wants a full audit of the Federal Reserve, an entity which is NOT connected in any way to our government, and is not a United States corporation, but whose shares are owned by 10 of the largest banks in the world, and to whom we all pay homage living here in the United States. The Fed is a subject of much contention....thus our constant battlecry of "End the Fed".

The Fed, owned and controlled by these 10 banks, received the interest you paid on the national federal debt through the payment of your income taxes. That's right, your income taxes are not used to pay for roads, schools, and services. They pay for the national debt.

Dr. Paul, in contrast to many, understands this corrupt and unconstitutional situation. He understands how the globalists intend to enslave our country, in many ways, but particularly through financial enslavement. For this reason, and because Dr. Paul is a man of his word, banks who own the media have tried every way they can in order to keep you from knowing anything about Dr. Paul...or they paint him in an unpatriot light.

If Dr. Paul becomes president, the parties the crooks have been enjoying would end, and they KNOW IT. They will do ANYTHING to not have him elected including what has happened over and over in conventions distributing fake delegate slates from the Romney camp to confuse convention attendees.

Nuf said.....thank you for taking the time to help our country survive another 250 years!