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Citizen Arrest is the Only Arrest Power

I'm pretty sure there is no arrest power other than citizen's arrest power. If Sheriffs under common law have special arrest power, I'd love to see a source for it.

I do know that police and federal agents have ONLY citizen arrest power. Federal agents particularly, have no right to carry firearms except the citizen's right. In the 1930s and 40s FBI agents initially were precluded from carrying firearms. Hoover argued that his agents are also citizens, however, and in their capacity as citizens they are entitled to be armed under the 2nd amendment. Only under this argument were FBI agents allowed to carry firearms thereafter.

Anyway - the classic rights of citizens are constantly being undermined and transferred to government employees and denied to citizens, in the ongoing glorification of the state. The right to bear arms, the right to arrest, the right to prosecute crimes, the right of the jury to judge both fact and law, and so on, were all citizen rights derived from Magna Carta or later common law derived there from.

In regard to this case - a Sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer of his county. That is well established in common law and in the US colonies, and state Constitutions historically. But I don't know that he has - or would need - arrest power over that of any citizen. Nor is highest law enforcement officer + citizen arrest power in any way mutually exclusive, given the historic definition of citizen arrest power. If a Sheriff does indeed have a special arrest power under common law, I'd love to see a source for it.