Comment: Are you a lawyer?

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Are you a lawyer?

And in what states? If not, you should not be dispensing legal advice or opinions to others.

As was already stated in this thread - if you are a delegate and are bound to someone other than RP by your state's laws you should individually or as a group consult with a REAL attorney to know your rights, obligations and the potential reprecussions, if any, from ignoring or explicitly contramanding the state statutes. To not do so would be incredibly foolish. You may ultimately decide to vote for RP regardless of the state law but you will at least know all your legal options before doing so.

Also ignored here is the likely legal mess when Mittens challenges every vote from a bound delegate that does not go to him. Everyone seems to assume that the RNC rule would trump the various state laws. Are you so certain it will survive a real legal challenge if brought by the losing candidate? Certain the same way Gore was?

I mean reverse the roles - would you sit idly by? As we are already seeing in Maine he will be lawyered up and ready to go at a moments notice.

The only way this is all going to work is if Romney fails on the first ballot in a legit way. That means enough delegates bound to us to prevent him a round one victory. As subsequent votes go by we pick up more as his delegates become unbound. views on finance, politics and science