Comment: Here's a quote of my own:

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Here's a quote of my own:

"No one ever achieved freedom with a vote. Tyranny was never defeated by anyone standing in a voting booth on election day. Your rights were not given to you by an election, and they can not be taken away by one either. YOU are in charge of YOU! No one can make you obey! A million laws could be passed to take away your freedom, but they would only work if you adhere to those laws. Live your life as you so wish without harming others in the process and when/if tyranny ever comes to punish you, look it dead in the eye and say "NO!". Resist! Revolt! Rebel! You have but one life and it is YOURS to live, let no man reign over you and let no unjust law restrain you! To live in any other manner is a disappointment to your creator who hath created you to live, love, and prosper as a free being." - FromJericho 5/7/12

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."