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Material change.

The election of Nevada delegates at the State Convention, (those delegates who now go to Tampa for the RNC), are materially changed by the results of the previous Nevada "caucus/primary". Therefore, the results of the previous "caucus/primary" violate this rule.

The State convention itself, materially changing the "caucus/primary" results, also may be considered to HAVE BEEN changed by what previously occurred in the caucus/primaries in Nevada.

This sword cuts BOTH WAYS.

To say that the "material differences" and "material change" as displayed by the differences in the complexion of the mass of delegates selected through the previous primary/caucus process and those mass of delegates selected through the "convention" process are in stark disagreement, thus represent a "material change", is evident between BOTH of the events.

The rule does not clarify WHICH event has priority, only that material change is not allowed.

The question here is, which event, or do BOTH events, represent the "material" upon which this rule's action is delivered.

This rule does not say that the primary/caucus is the template or defining factor for the state level convention.

What this rule says is that if the material differences represent a "change" of the delegates characteristics at any point during the processes cited, then the rule has been violated.

I would say the rule is nonsensical and so overly broad as to be undefinable.

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