Comment: Why? Why you Ask?

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Why? Why you Ask?

Because there are two kinds of Americans.

Those who vote and think that's the end of the deal. Done their duty, nothing much gonna change anyway, going back to the tube and a cold one. Good Americans, just disinterested and perhaps disaffected. Who can blame them?

Then there are those who ARE interested and understand that politics is power. There are two types here: one wants power OVER people - to control them and take from them using the power of government; one uses such power to protect people from just the sort of government and others who seek to control and deprive, thru force or fraud. There's no gray area here, despite all the guff about 'compromise'.

Ron Paul supporters are this last type. Thank God for them and their R3volution. Ron Paul supporters SHOW UP and don't take NO for an answer. Enough is enough. This is THEIR time - and they aren't going away until they've backed government off to its' proper place.