Comment: funny thing is an easily observable portion in LP is pretty

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funny thing is an easily observable portion in LP is pretty

pro-intervention, or at least for some type of 'managed, slightly-less aggressive' intervention

you want to know why the first 27 years was so hard for you? it's because LP was such a mixed bag and never had such unity behind the same cause as paul. many of your base were one issue voters around pet issues such as gender equality and marriage equality and only joined LP because they felt dems weren't pursuing them hard enough

it's difficult to imagine a sizable movement capable of changing a country ever wasting their time uniting behind a cause like this. quite frankly you can keep those people. i think we'll do fine without them.

you notice how these people focus more on brand purity rather than doing things because they believe it's truly best for the country? the one speaker after immediately gets up and the first thing she mentions is 'hard-earned libertarian brand' purity, "what it means to be a Libertarian"<--seriously, country is tanking, who the fuk cares? these are like mental people who happen to support the right cause, but you just know they never had the mental bearing to carry the weight from the get-go. if you had any people-read skills, just look at that crowd. if you don't, there's really not much that can be said to you.