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Comment: You have to have the Daily Paul .com on there

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You have to have the Daily Paul .com on there

and you need.. "END THE FEDERAL RESERVE!" And you need.. "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS BRING EM HOME NOW!" And you need.. "END THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL WARS!" And you need.. "YOU TUBE RON PAUL TODAY!" And you need.. "NO MORE STATUS QUO" And you need.."GOT PAUL?" And you need.."HIT ME IF YOU HATE ROMNEY" And you need.. A Uncle Sam Poster with UNCLE RONNY saying I WANT YOU..TO VOTE FOR ME And you need.....a bigger damn truck! Im just starting to warm up girl!! Can you guys get into a BUS RACE?? I have a ton more ideas..Ron Paul at the head of a conveyor belt with a Sledge Hammer over his head smashing the Fed. the IRS, the Wall St. Bankers, OBAMA, ROMNEY... How awesome would that be??

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