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Romney's camp was approached quite a while back about a debate. Houston, Texas has set the stage for a March 24 nationally televised debate ahead of our primary on March 29. This was done while Santorum and Gingrich were still in the race. These two and Ron Paul's campaign responded that they would attend. Mitt Romney tucked his tail and ran like a rabbit. The offer is still on the table, but Romney is mute on the subject. Proof of the old axiom, "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt". Romney has also declined to speak at our state convention, even though Texas sends 155 delegates to the National Convention. His advice (undoubtedly coming from the GOP) is to ignore Ron Paul and create the fiction that he is alone in this primary. Well, don't ignore ME, I hate ignorance. And this childish approach of hiding your head in the sand won't make Ron Paul and his loyal minions disappear, Mitt. Unfortunately, Texas is no longer made up of the independent good old boys it once was. Our economy is still better than most and our cities are full of upwardly mobile airheads. In the country, the old guard is so sure of themselves and the loyalty of all Republicans to the party line, they take Mitt as a given. I fear greatly for our primary. What a pity right here in the good Dr.'s adopted home state!