Comment: Unfortunatley.. It will never be believed.

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Unfortunatley.. It will never be believed.

Universities receiving large grants or Research Labs funded by the makers of the vaccines will come up with their own studies. Then our media will make sure that anybody that doesn't agree with those studies is a nutjob. Whether they cause Autism or not I have no idea but there have been enough reports of other side effects or ineffectiveness to the point that I wouldn't get vaccinated for anything that wasn't a serious threat.

Even PBS Frontline..a slightly more respectable source of journalism (still garbage).. did a special on vaccines. It consisted of interviews from the manufacturers of the vaccine or cdc employees. And painted a picture of the people skeptical of vaccines as fringe lunatics gathering their information from youtube videos or internet sites. Nevermind the fact that although there is a lot of nonsense and idiotic theories on the internet, it is far more easier to find the truth about things than from an American Television set. The PBS story basically played 'Internet myths will lead to pandemics and mass deaths because parents aren't vaccinating their kids.'

Whatever the truth is.. its obvious they over-hyped the swine flu and others for several years. News reports had people in a frenzy to get their shots over a danger that was quite minimal.

And the mandatory vaccination thing is nonsense. If people that want to be vaccinated are vaccinated.. than why should they care what I do or anybody else for that matter. Whenever they force something on people it just adds to the skepticism.

Of course the newly lab-created, highly-contagious, deadly H5N1 virus we developed actually could be a actual huge threat. But it was only logical for us to mutate a bird flu to be easily transmittable by humans, so that we could study it and in turn create vaccines for it.. thus, making sure when the 'radical islamists' decide to genetically engineer the exact same strain in one of their super-high tech underground science labs and unleash it on us, we'll be ready and vaccinated... and if that doesn't happen ..maybe we'll just publish the scientists work and cross-our fingers nothing bad happens.