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Even Simpler Than That

Ron Paul was asked last time to enter the race, but did not accept. I think we'd have nominated him in a heartbeat.

He can't be nominated if he won't run and it would probably disqualify him from the race he's in already.

You're right, the party can't endorse someone outside the party.

Which isn't to say we can't donate money as individuals! Or, now that the convention is over, change our voter registration to Republican for long enough to vote in June in CA (May 21st is the deadline to switch), or have a BIG Ron Paul sign on our front lawn, or wear a Ron Paul hat everywhere we go, or have a parking lot full of Ron Paul bumper-stickers at meetings...

I mean, what about all the other liberty candidates we need to fill for other local races? I'd just love it if all the candidates on the ballot were libertarian, in all the parties. This is one of those things where you can't have too many!

What do you think?