Comment: It's the Party for those Who Hate Politics

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It's the Party for those Who Hate Politics

The LP is the political party for those who would prefer to get politics out of our lives, and for those who are seeking (like Ron Paul) NOT to do things (I don't want to run your life...).

That's how it has always been, and it is its own built in problem.

The only reason Ron Paul has traction is because he has been preparing for this moment for his whole life, and he had our support all the way (I first heard him in person in the late 90's at an LP convention), and because things have finally gotten bad enough that more people can see what has been obvious to us in the LP: that central planning doesn't work.

There are reasons why human nature prefers two parties, and the LP is simply getting ready to replace whichever dominant party self-destructs first, meanwhile offering an option to people who have already given up on both dominant parties.

What do you think?