Comment: Are you high? New Mexico is one of the least populated states

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Are you high? New Mexico is one of the least populated states

and completely different than any other state in the US. Leading New Mexico is less challenging than being a mayor of a major city like Los Angeles. 2 million people in the entire state. Southern California has 5 times that number of people. The role as Governor of NM is not representative of the issues and level of skills a POTUS has to manage. And hardly anyone outside of New Mexico even knows who he is. When you make a statement like Gary having as much chance as Ron getting elected it is downright ignorant. Look at how hard and long Dr. Paul has had to work to even get the slightest attention. Gary has virtually no following. Great guy but sorry, he has nothing to offer except supporting Ron's efforts. Ron will need a much stronger and known figure to be his VP selection if he is going to make a serious challenge against Obama, if he can even get the nomination we all want so bad. If Ron does not win the Republican nomination, Obama is President again period. Sorry, it's painful to say, but no third party is going to win, only make it easier for Obama. That is why Ron is constantly talking about why he is in the Republican Party. He knows under the current election process it was the only way to mount a serious campaign and get any attention. As good a guy as Gary is, he will always be viewed just like Dennis Kucinich. Popular with a very small group of people.