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I see you have only been a member

here for a very short while. I must say you either don't really care about freedom and law, or you haven't much bothered to learn yet. Your ignorance is appalling; here are just a few things I noticed right off:
1. Cops do not "max out" fines, fines are set by legislatures (or city council, or whoever WRITES the law).
2. Traffic laws are infractions, not crimes. They are merely a method of extracting revenue from people. Ken did not harm any person, or property. Maybe you should read about Sheriff Mack, who came to understand what the traffic laws are really about.
3. You have no idea what you are talking about when you assume that a cop is an officer of the law. State police, for example, are generally unconstitutional (and to say unconstitutional means AGAINST the supreme law of the state). The law enforcement power in most states resides in the sheriff of the county, and is delegated to his deputies.
4. You say "If we allowed people to drive as fast as they wanted, they would without a doubt take away the life of another." This is one of the most ridiculous statements I've ever read on this site. You are actually showing just what is wrong with the traffic laws. The standard used to be "reasonable and proper" speed for the conditions, but governments can only raise money if they set low "limits" and charge people. Beyond that, your idea that laws should be passed or enforced based on what some people hypothetically THINK could happen evinces extreme totalitarian thinking. For example, if we allowed you to have a knife, no doubt you would stab the first person you saw ... ergo, we ought to pass a law that says: if we see you with a knife, we ought to cite you for at least 120 frns.
5. You have no concept of RIGHTS and FREEDOM. Ken exercised his right to stay silent (5th amendment), and he had absolutely no obligation to do otherwise. Indeed, it is the cop who has sworn an oath to UPHOLD Ken's rights, so he is the one who looks like a complete ass to keep asking questions. He is supposed to RESPECT Ken.
6. Please read the Constitution of your state and the federal one too before you come to the conclusion that you know anything about them.
7. And oohhhh, I just got all sentimental when you intimated that everyone wants law enforcers to protect 'our' rights and liberties. Never met one who did that yet; been standing up for my own as long as I can remember, just like KEN. Usually, "law enforcers" are stomping all over my liberties, not defending them. Now that I think about it, maybe I wasn't feeling sentimental, just sick to my stomach.