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Comment: Although your research is clear, there are other elements

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Although your research is clear, there are other elements

I commend you for not only doing the research necessary to gain knowledge and understanding but also having the courage to speak up.

Go Ron Paul!

You are technically correct in your interpretation(according to my understanding) however, consent is already established based on presumption. For instance, if one maintains a drivers license that required a Social Security Number (hereinafter: The Number) upon registration [contract] then you must acknowledge the existence of a contractual relationship between CorpUS and its subsidiaries.

Although the 14th did created corporate citizen/employees of the US Government it does not consent was not giving. Every time the number is used it is a form of consent because that relationship is active. You must be aware of General Partnership relationships and their impact on personalities involved in contract. The Number's are established for individuals whom are admittedly 'operating' in some sort of diminished capacity (like the sick and infirm - See Social Security Act of 1935). So the first thing is realizing that the number is not yours, its belongs to the 'State' [CorpUS/UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT]. If you are using that number as if it was yours; when you work, acquire assets or even contract at the doctors office (I've never once been required to provide The Number at a doctors office, and never will) you are contracting through the state for service. The relationship is that The Number belongs to the State and you have the 'privilege' to use it; right of use.

More clearly, you apply for a job and use The Number it was not you whom applied for the job; the state did you were just granted the privilege of controlling relationship. When your first check arrives you notice that it is written to a TITLE, that title is the State's 'name' that has contracted for the position. You deposit that check and use the funds as if they were yours not recognizing the State's relationship with The Number, in doing so a General Partnership is formed where the flesh/Man and The Number are joined and the Man becomes The Number. This is what I believe to be one of the keys for the body corporate to attain Lawful jurisdiction despite verbal non-consent/dissent.

The key is understanding that The Number is the primary mechanism the State uses in order to maintain jurisdiction through presumption. Interestingly though, the terms and conditions between the SSA and The People dictate that the people can change their relationship with such said number should they choose. Such person would have the 'exercise' their contracting muscles by perhaps modifying their relationship in writing and then requesting such information be added to the Master File. Once added, using the administrative procedures act, one could secure a certified copy of such relationship from the SSA proving in the flesh the nature of the current relationship between the Man and the State.

If knowledge is power, then secret knowledge is absolute power.

I reserve the right to govern myself.