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I assume your speaking as to

I assume your speaking as to what form such a modification would take? If so, then your missing some key elements of understanding.

Well, first lets establish a few facts.
The SSA established a public trust for the elderly and infirm. A congressional promise was made that such a trust would not be used for tracking/identifying individuals ... broken promises ... Perhaps letting them know that you do not appreciate the broken promise is a good way to start.. or perhaps the recent data manipulation/compilation being conducted as the rise of homeland security continues poses an uncomfortable relationship between yourself and The Number.

Requesting such a letter be annexed to the Master File may evidence a disconsent with their service. Ideally, once the letter has been annexed, it would be wise to secure a copy of that with the seal of the SSA. Such a document will have weight in court where it can be used to prove the nature of the relationship between CorpUS, its agencies and the People.

Of course there is a great chance of non-cooperation, more likely due to great ignorance more that 'tyranny'. Should such an instance occur, their would be very little one can do to deal directly with such individuals; their offices are required to act but the Man does not fulfill his duty to act. Then what?

Recognize that the Administrative Procedures Act exists to hold federal agencies accountable to the duties of their office (to say the least). Read it, learn how to use it as it is a powerful tool. Use it to secure a copy w/ seal of the nature of the relationship between yourself and CorpUS and any of its subsidiaries such as: State of X, County of X, Township of X etc. With your ability to prove your relationship it would seem that the corporate state would be powerless to prosecute you in a court of Law.

A court of Lawlessness is a different story though, but that will never happen here unless The People themselves destroy such a beautiful court system.

I reserve the right to govern myself.