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Think of a polaroid camera

You have The United States of America National Government, operating smoothly. Then our enemies come along with intent to infiltrate and usurp. They take a duplicate picture of our National Government and create a corporation called UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, year-1871. At that time the Officials of the National Government where the same Man as the Officers of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. Everything is running smooth until 1912 when the corporation goes bankrupt, the GOVERNMENT lost our currency (Fed Reserve Act). They tweak a few things; such as senators being appointed, removing the 13th amendment (now known as the hidden 13th amendment). At this point a conflict of interest emerges that forces the Men holding office to make a choice to either seat the National Government or the Municipal Corporation; they all choose the Corporation. Thus, the National Government remained empty until the early 90's. We've had this foreign private corporation at the helm and it has everything to do with why everything is going in the wrong direction.

This GOVERNMENT creates its own employee class with its corporate 14th amendment called: us citizens. This 'citizen' class was created to house the newly freed black slaves directly after the civil war.

The People, mainly through their ignorance, follow this municipal corporate as if it was the true National Government not realizing that such GOVERNMENT was quit claim deeded to the international monetary fund in 1944 through the Brenton Woods Agreement when the UNITED STATES became the 'drawing account of the IMF'.

In 1944, the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT became full property of entities foreign to the United States of America.

The people through their ignorance did not recognize the changes in the relationships occurring throughout their nations history but hopefully their starting too.

I reserve the right to govern myself.