Comment: I just want to share this...l

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I just want to share this...l

Sunday morning my husband woke me up at 5am. He was in a hurry and asked me if I would help him get his uniform pressed and ready. My husband is 17 year US Marine, active duty. It took me a while to realize what was going on, since I was still sleepy. As I ironed his slacks, I was listening to my husband on the phone, and realized the hurry. My husband was was on his way to inform a mother that her son has died. I continued to iron thru tears and I don't think there has ever been a sharper crease.
This was not a suicide, but that family has not been given all the details yet, so I won't disclose them here, but the families hurt and pain was all the same.
I just want to stress that ALL of these senseless deaths of our military men and women are affecting millions of people. I certainly don't want to make any of this about my husband, but I just want to remind others that this is real, its destroying Americas foundation.