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Comment: Did You Watch His Debate?

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Did You Watch His Debate?

We had two great candidates in the debate, and I was impressed that Gary Johnson, who knew very well that many libertarians would object to the Fair Tax, nevertheless gave his reasons for thinking it would be a step in the right direction, and that once enacted, would cause the voting public to put the brakes on tax increases. He did that to a somewhat hostile reaction--who else do we know who does that?

I don't understand your hostility on that point, when we all know it's up to Congress, not the president, and very unlikely.

Frankly, anyone who is willing to veto legislation the way he did is so far and above any candidate that the dominant parties have put forth, that I have no problem voting for him as a second choice, even if there was a risk he might win.

Debate available from C-Span link on this page:

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