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Given Name or Brand Name

It is my understanding that you must register under the Republican Brand by May 20 in order to vote for Ron Paul in the California Primary. I don’t think your given name will be enough to cast a vote for Dr. Paul if you do not change your brand name.

I just saw on the DP front page (as if you will not see it your self sorry, but am campaigning...for Dr. Paul even if you are in the ficticious state of California) and it says May 21. I don't know which is correct:

How absurd of me to tell you there is a Re3VOLution, as if you have not been at it for the last 20 or more years! You are so patient not to lambaste me! I did want, however, to plant the seed that this may be the time when Liberty Minded folks are needed within the GOP brand organization. Isn’t that what the opposition does…they find a group with momentum power and take it over. I think that is what was done to the GOP. Perhaps we need to follow Dr. Paul’s lead and reclaim It and use Resident Power for the cause of Liberty.

Thank you for your campaign efforts in 1996 to bring the travesty to light. I think of the Davidians more as a cult group, however, that is no excuse for what was done. Even if there were crimes committed (I don’t know) we, they, each individual, is innocent until proven guilty by due process. This was a terrorist execution perpetrated by the Government of the United States without trial by jury. We the People should have been up in arms over this event.

The Waco Massacre took place on my birthday. I remember it well. We lived near Houston, TX, at that time. I wasn’t awake at that time and did not understand all the implications, but knew it was wrong. I remember a plane ride with my FBI agent cousin. I can’t remember everything I said to him about Ruby Ridge, but I think he thought me a bit crazy. Waco had not happened yet.

You speak positively of Alex Jones. Isn’t the Prison Planet Forum part of his site? I can’t decide about AJ. I can’t listen to too much of him. It makes me depressed and I feel like kicking the dog, and that is not beneficial for anyone at my house! He does seem to have a lot of good information, but it seems sensationalized. Of course he has to keep a following entertained while providing news. Perhaps we all have different capacities of what we can emotionally tolerate on a regular basis.

“I was very surprised when the people running the Austrian Economist Forum censored me, but now I'm no longer surprised when, for example, just recently, The Prison Planet Forum people removed my access.”

Do they tell you why you are being censored or removed?

“Saddam Hussein was on the Top Ten list, for sure. How about the Gaddafi fellow?”

I haven’t let myself see much of the Gaddafi stuff. I look away when I see what they were doing to him. I don’t want to see. But what I have seen looks to me like a very public and violent warning to all who would dare not to cower to the powers that be.

“Ron Paul is just a wart, so far.”

Yes, and one that is growing and spreading. It is a Virus known as Liberty.

"I didn’t even know there was a Marxist in the White House." You asked me, "Have you read anything from Marx?”

Not much, but what I think I know is that his philosophy has been used to transfer Power from an existing Power Base to a new Power Base and the “classless” society is ruled by a small elite ravenous class. The communist theory also does not manifest itself well in society because individuals thrive on rewarded effort. There is no reward when people have to work but cannot gain greater and greater achievement for themselves. The reason I quit my eBay business: Too much of the pie was being taken from me to “spread around” compared to the effort I was giving. So I quit. Thankfully I am not living in a communist country and I had the option to quit just like I had the option to start the business. It is this freedom that I enjoy here that says you can quit and find something better to do. I believe our president to be Marxist because of Marx’s slogan“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” or as our current president says “spread the wealth around” and may I add my own words, you do not have a choice. I don’t know or vouch for any the information here, but is this more misinformation?

FORWARD!… Obama to Officially Launch 2012 Campaign on Karl Marx’s Birthday

“False labels are part of the problem, if not the whole problem.”

What label would you use? “Legal Criminal” or is there another that applies?

“I can remember sobbing like a little girl when, at one point, it hit me, watching kids loaded up into trucks, on a documentary, they would be murdered, and I was set aback, I went to my own daughters room, she was then about 5 years old, or so, it hurt, bad, really bad.”

Yes, I did last year. But then, we women cry more often… I am glad you were able. There are some things that only tears can express. And there are some horrible things that invoke sobs.

My 8 year old says he wants to be a soldier. I told him last week that I want him to make sure that Congress declares the war before he makes that kind of decision. He doesn't know what he is saying...
Passed by Congress June 13, 1866. Ratified July 9, 1868.
Section 4.
The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

Hmm, that just about explains it all! It looks like we were told in so many words that we would be where we are today. Sorry for the “we” But in a sence, I feel like "we" are all in this together, even if all the "we" do not know it.

“This is America, look around, see the whole thing, all of it, and judge for yourself.,,. This is not Nazi Germany, and this is not Bolshevik Russia, this is the place where all those people who could not tolerate another minute suffering under the thumb of despots, and they avoided them by whatever means they could invent, including crossing oceans, and including wagons going west.”

Yes, and they told us to quit breeding and we did… There is 70 year old Amish couple that live near me that had 19 children together and have over 150 grandchildren. (I was a little embarrassed by their reply of around 150 when I asked the standard “English” question: How many grandchildren do you have?” I had never been told by anyone they had 150 grand children.) Who do you think is going to come to their aid when they need help? If one of the kids is busy there are another 175 to fill in the gap. We have been sold a pack of lies. I should probably have at least 25% that many kids and grandkids…and yet our GOOD STOCK has been whittled down to nothing. Sorry for going off on a tirade, but barefoot and pregnant might not have been as terrible as it was said to be. Their daughters learn how to care for the home and children because there are plenty of babies and sister's babies and work and lots of work to go around. And when you have a need, there is always someone to help. We can't even pass on family traditions these days, let alone how to be one.

“Our heritage, if you will, is not the same as Europeans, or the Chinese, and again I think the Legal Criminals have underestimated the Chinese People.”

The part I am having trouble with on the Chinese People is that Mao slaughtered many. Their society was completely changed. They did not have the fortitude then, how will they have it now?

“My gas prices are lower, I want to thank the guy.” I think this is in prep for the November elections. Ours are coming down about a nickel a week.

“The point about hemp concerned more than entertainment, and blaming Hemp, for things you did, if that is what you are doing, is possibly not accurate. I don't know. I prefer to know better.”

I don’t know, perhaps it was the Lust for Hemp and Any Other Thing that gave me some Euphoric Feeling at that young age. I do know, though, personally, different drugs affect people in different ways. I have allergy medication that makes me hate my husband. I cannot tolerate the little things that I normally just put aside. So I don’t take that medicine, and the hatred goes away just like turning a light switch off. I will never take it again. I can only know that my focus was not on my studies. It may not have been the hemp though. It was probably the whole package of life then.

“The natives grow restless, and they figure out the game, and they then threatin, more and more, the powers that be - in power.
What is the final solution?”

According to the Georgia Guidestones, about 500,000,000 worldwide will fit the bill.

“I think God would probably say that people who can work, obviously can work since they work very hard at slaughtering each other, ought to work productively AND be charitable to those who can't work at this or that special, productive, job.”

I think you are right.

Luke 10:25 And, behold , a certain lawyer stood up , and tempted him (Jesus), saying , Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life? 26 He said unto him, What is written in the law? how readest thou ? 27 And he answering said , Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself. 28 And he (Jesus) said unto him, Thou hast answered right: this do , and thou shalt live . 29 But he, willing to justify himself, said unto Jesus, And who is my neighbour?

"Your sons may surprise you in that bright future."

Thank you for your kind encouragement.

Why have you had so many concussions?