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Comment: Beltway libertarian - see current CATO legal battle

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Beltway libertarian - see current CATO legal battle

Johnson's no Austrian, he's a beltway 'libertarian'. In my heart I'm an anarcho-capitalist, I'm a pragmatist enough to vote Paul and no one else. I'll never support a non-Austrain, beltway libertarian. As much as I genuinely like Johnson as a person and what he has done as a public servant working in the mainstream parties. He fundamentally does not support real libertarianism, he's a positivist, a Friedmanite, I can never support that rift in philosophy. I'd rather he have the GOP nomination and I would vote Paul for LP. It just shows the fallacy of the LP. It covets CATO's seal of approval, the same think tank that had John Yoo speak at it and dozens of FED Reserve bankers over the years. It's fundamentally NOT-libertarian.