Comment: Is There A RP/Santorum Video

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Is There A RP/Santorum Video

That shows all of the things Santorum said against Romney and why he should not under any circumstances get Santorum votes and delegates' votes?

Seems that would be very helpful for Santorum supporters and for *explaining* why Ron Paul is their *only* Christian, family values, prolife, (any many other isues) choice.

And, perhaps, most importantly such a video would put into perspective Dr. Paul's "you are a fake" debate comment. As I recall, Dr. Paul's "fake" comment was delivered without any malice, it was simply stated as a fact, ie. "you are not who you say you are not for what you say you are for."

While it should not be in such a video, it seems to me that Santorum supporters, once educated to the *real, very real and consistent* Dr. Paul would also be somewhat *fake* if they believe in what they say they believe in and then support a candidate who is *against* everything they are for.