Comment: VOTE in or WRITE in: RON PAUL.

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Gary Johnson could be a leader right now by doing 1 thing: Shock the Libertarian Party by endorsing Ron Paul and urging all freedom-loving libertarians to do the same. But he's not that kind of principled leader.

If he cared about the message getting out, or if he cared about getting a foothold in the political world for Libertarian Ideas - then he would get on board. But judging from his statement at the convention that he would "promise to be active in the libertarian party even after the election." It sounded like he was just looking for a job - or some way to stay politically relevant.

The libertarian party is doing us all a disservice by choosing to remain loyal to party lines, rather than showing loyalty to their supposed PRINCIPLES and standing up with Ron Paul.

I think it's an insult.
I think they know they are withholding support.

And I think they're RIDICULOUS for allowing an adult man to give a convention speech dressed in colonial garb speaking poorly acted old english. They're a joke.

But that's just my 2 cents.