Comment: spent the day so far at the polls

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spent the day so far at the polls

My husband and I voted early (on Friday)and then spent the day at the polls today. We held large Ron Paul signs and handed out the flyers that I found in the link above. There were many voters already commited to RP and we convinced many others to vote for him as well. We made sure to tell them about his delegate wins and his crowds of thousands that the media will not show. My guess would be that 50% or more of the people we talked to went in and voted for Ron Paul. I have had a smile on my face all day long!!! I have an unrelated meeting I have to go to, so my husband dropped me off and is on his way back to the polls to continute educating those who come to vote. Thanks to I3ladedragon for posting the info above and for the link to the flyer. It has been a perfect tool.

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