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All bound

Except the limited number (usually the state party chairman and one or two others) who are UNBOUND.

By making sure there is at least one unbound delegate in each state delegation the so called 'unit rule' does not come into play and there is no conflict between the RNC rules and the various state laws which attempt to bind delegates in some manner or other.

As noted by somebody who is a delegate in OK, you needed to sign a statement agreeing to uphold the state law. There seems to be a misconception that by being elected as a delegate that you can't be required by a state law to vote a certain way because it some how infringes on your 'voting rights.' It does not. You already voted in the primary or caucus. In a state that binds delegates you are acting as an agent of the other voters and have a legally mandated fiduciary obligation.

The good thing is that not every state has these laws and even in those that do, it only applies to candidates who are still standing for the nomination. So any delegates for Gingrich or Santorum or Huntsman (did he get anything out of NH?) can vote for RP if the language is the same as the above OK statute. views on finance, politics and science