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That is incorrect.

The original Constitution FOR the United States of America was the original trust indenture that was setup by the delegations sent to the convention through the electoral college. The original document had no effect other than being charged at that event, it did not have any authority charged by the States.

Once the electoral college completed their task the document was sent to the State for ratification. At that time that single document was complete, active and charged with George Washington as its first President (note that the senate APPOINTED a president at that time, there was no registered voters).

Once the States received the document they were disgusted with its form and would not ratify it as is. The anti federalists had their say and attached a "bill" (to keep the federal government in debt to the States) to the original document and then ratify it. Once ratified the new document was called the Constitution of the United States of America which consisted of the original trust indenture and the bill of rights (which is considered one document). Likewise, the original trust indenture, the Constitution FOR the United States of America still remained as its own stand alone document to this day with NO amendments attached to it.

Fast forward to 1871 when the municipal body corporate was created it nearly duplicated the Constitution of the United States of America with its 'US Constitution' which was nearly identical minus the [hidden] 13th amendment, democratic election of senators and register voters having a 'vote' whom were not landowners.

All in all there are 3 constitions;

Constitution for the United States of America:
This is the original Constitution as it was generated from the college of deputies that sat in convention to do what was necessary to resolve the problems of the Articles of Confederation. This Constitution had only the original seven Articles and no amendments. It formed the government after the pattern of a Trust; wherein, the people granted a limited portion of their individually inherent sovereign authority to be collectively used by the government in accord with the conditions stipulated in the Constitution; thus, providing the limited collective sovereignty necessary for the government to function. This Constitution bears the signatures of the signatures of the deputies so convened and its Title is found in the last seven words of its Preamble: “Constitution for the United States of America“;

Constitution of the United States of America:
History provides this original Constitution was formed by adding the Bill of Rights to the first Constitution listed hereabove. It was formed as a limiting contract each elected official of said government is required to take an oath of allegiance to; in order to serve in the capacity of the office so held. The Preamble to the Bill of Rights not only clearly distinguishes the distinct nature of the original Constitution (listed above) by both acknowledging its Resolution was made by the Congress that had been so formed by that Constitution and by acknowledging that several States had already adopted it and respectively requested that the Bill of Rights be amended to it; then designating the so amended document as the “Constitution of the United States of America”; and,

United States Constitution:
This final Constitution was not generated until 1871 where it acquired its ratification and name in the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871. It was simply called the United States Constitution. It can easily be distinguished from the two original constitutions by its lack of the original 13th Article of Amendment that was passed and ratified in 1818 in accord with the laws of our nation. Again, it is not our job to do your work for you. Rather, if you have an interest in discovering the evidence that supports the History.

Hope it helps!

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