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Comment: NO - I want the government to

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NO - I want the government to

NO - I want the government to enforce the nation's boundaries and sovereignty, which is one of the few functions it actually has alloted to it in the constitution. our "history" proves no such thing, and we are only a few hundred years old. theres much more to a nation than a simple belief in liberty. if this is how you think then why have nations at all - why not just surrender to globalism and the new world order and give up fighting right now, because the only way to actually enact a one world government is to break down all difference in culture and the existence of independent states. blaming inter-ethnic conflict on the war on drugs/welfare state, although maybe related indirectly, is just silly - it reminds me of the way liberals blame everything on socioeconomic status. it is turf war pure and simple. when people lose their identity or will-to-survive they are conquered by stronger people who have both, and this is what we are witnessing before our eyes because "liberty" embodied is too abstract to use as a definition for a nation. and that American exceptionalism that assumes only sheeple who are mental slaves in the U.S. are free is really a joke. I think there is much more intellectual freedom and discussion in some other countries compared to the stiflement of speech by PC/liberal domination/authoritarian cultural marxism which we have here.

there is no left or right, only system and anti-system.