Comment: In the ideal libertarian world,

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In the ideal libertarian world,

there is ZERO government. Just like Marxist utopians, anarcho-capitalists don't seem to realize that's never going to happen. Suppose we had open borders and anyone and everyone who wanted to come here illegally came. Not only would this country's population double in twenty years, but its economy would tank because there wouldn't be enough job demand for that large of an influx of working-age people. Crime already goes up with an influx of immigrants from countries poorer than the U.S., but by granting amnesty (opening the borders) and ending welfare, the crime rate would skyrocket. Also, there's the allegiance factor. Most people that come to the U.S. don't come here because they want to become Americans (although they want to be able to partake in all the privileges and immunities of U.S. citizens), they come here for higher-paying jobs. That means although they want to live and work in this country, their loyalty first and foremost is to another country. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what kind of problems could crop up if even as much as one-fifth the population in America has loyalties to other countries above America.