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No Apology Necessary... Didn't Read Your Response Till Just Now

"but the question isn't like 'How long is a yard stick?', it's like 'Why do we use the measurement feet?' The yard stick's length isn't at issue - the decision factor is."

Based on the metaphysical presuppositions of a materialist atheist, all standards of measure, no matter what they are intended to measure, are arbitrary at rock bottom. So questioning the decision making process in morality makes about as much sense as questioning your neighbor for measuring his front door with a yardstick. "Why not use a meter stick, or a noodle, or your left foot? Why have you decided to use this yardstick thingy?"
So the moral standard in use is not the issue, it's just a matter of what plays into our decision to use a particular standard. But from your presuppositions, there is no obligatory standard, so why does any of this matter, even our decision making process? Is there some obligatory standard in your worldview for making such decisions? If so, what is it and what makes it obligatory? If not, then what is the point of asking a Christian to account for their decision,.... or their belief in revealed truths or their belief in an eternal and absolute law giver? It all becomes whistling in the wind.

"Just as then, inquiry and experience are my standards for morality. When any claim doesn't match up - religious or not - I reject it."

Okay, so your personal 'inquiry and experience' are the standard for your morality. I'm sure a few sociopaths could make the same claim, with a straight face and rare sincerity. Philosophically speaking, your "standard" is self referentially incoherent. You earlier claimed to judge who is or isn't more moral among Christians and atheist. But your standard for judging such things amounts to nothing more than subjective and personal prejudices of your own. You have your prejudices, and others have theirs. So what makes your personal standard more valid than any other?

The grand "Sez Who?" You? So what?

By your own accounting, you are nothing more than a material collection, with all your thoughts arising from chemical reactions in the physical brain. These chemicals always behave this way in similar environments and temperatures. And here you are, offering your subjective experiences and inquiries as judge over the decision making processes and moral level of others. You are a riot.