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Hold on a sec

I think it already would have happened bud, your thinking the scariest scenario, be calm, when the Governments, Pentagon orders 450 million rounds of hollow tip bullets for TSA, DHS, it just might mean they wanna fight us with guns, the military won't be involved because they know the truth to RP, they have the loyalty.

Maybe not high technology, there would be revolt even by the guys who design it, but you still have to fight gun to gun, it will be shocking to those who've never been exposed to revolution, most have us have been pampered lol

...don't worry Blueshift, you have to be brave in the worst case scenario, torture, prison, death, humans have gone through but this is in history, if it happens, it happens, just stay cool, liberty is in your blood, and revolution is in your mind

It’s been said that nothing makes you feel more alive than death