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in Ada county, Romney won the

in Ada county, Romney won the caucus on the first ballot with 51.7% of the vote. That gave him ALL of the delegates from Ada county to the state convention. The same thing played out across the state (though the ID GOP has yanked the document they used to publish the vote and have not made the raw numbers available anywhere).

If no one won on the first ballot, which is the case for Nampa and for many counties in the pan handle of the state, then any candidate with less than X% (can't remember the exact number... may be 10%) was tossed out and the voting went again until someone reached 50%+1.

Because Romney had strong Mormon support in the major population centers and all of south Idaho, he got 50-60% of the vote in large population areas, though Ron Paul won most of the northern parts of Idaho. But North Idaho's delegates were no match for Romney's south ID numbers so Romney had a majority of the delegates state wide. That entitled Romney to all of Idaho's national delegates according to the GOP state central committee rules for the caucus.

Unless something at the convention in Twin Falls in June changes that.

Jason Robinson
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho