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"What my point was is having labour without the demand for it and adding more without any need."

People don't just drift mindlessly into other countries. Without the welfare State, people are only going to come if they think they can get work. And when there's no work, recent immigrants will tend to leave the country: happens all the time. And, by the way, the opportunities for more intelligent migration are better today than ever before, thanks to improved communications (i.e. would-be immigrants and would-be employers can match us much easier than in the past). The market for labor is self-regulating in the same way as any other market. Saying that the government should decide how much labor the country needs to import is like saying the government should decide how much copper or oil the country needs to import - the government cannot make that decision more efficiently than the market. Leave it to the market.

"It is not the expanding labour force that grows the economoy. It is all the enterprises that need the labour that make it grow."

It's both. Production requires capital and labor, there's no way to separate them. But the market needs to supply both, and the government should not be in the business or directing the flow of either, whether within a nation or between nations.

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