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I am nineteen years old, and I am from California. I like read nonfiction, I am currently reading Whatever Happened To Penny Candy by Richard J. Maybury. Also, I like to travel. I recently traveled to the Philippines, and I stayed there for one month, while I was there I did many things including: zip lining in Tagaytay, island hopping in Palawan, swimming in the crater lake of Mount Pinatubo, drinking with my family and their friends, and bike riding with my uncle. Politically, I do not know what to call myself. In some things, I am for limited government, non-interventionist foreign policy, on the other hand; I am not in favor of foreign aid and U. S. overseas military bases. Lastly, I found out about Ron Paul after reading his short recommendation of Henry Hazlitt's book Economics in One Lesson on Amazon.

***I support Ron Paul because he is the only Republican candidate running for President who wants to enforce the U. S. Constitution and restore the republic.***