Comment: 5/8/12: Overnight Markets Plunging. What's next?

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5/8/12: Overnight Markets Plunging. What's next?
Just as we warned at the end of today's nonsense, the afternoon ramp is fading fast now as the sad but true reality of a sun that rises in Europe awakening the maddening crowd. EURUSD is at 1.2970 (70 pips off the late-day swing highs already), ES (S&P 500 e-mini futures) are down 10 pts from the closing swing highs (which just happens to coincide with Sunday night's gap-down opening level around 1354.25), Silver has slumped back to the day's lows around $29, Gold back under $1600, and WTI is down around 2% from the day-session close at around $96.50. Treasuries are leaking lower in yield but FX markets seem very active as AUD drops to near parity with USD and carry pairs are generally weak. There are still a few more hours until Europe opens so anything can happen but for an overnight session, markets are not happy.