Comment: Just do the math for me...

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Just do the math for me...

Take all the remaining states, assume Romney comes in 1st in all of them. Then allocate the right amount of delegates that he automatically gets from those victories. Tell us that number. Does that put him over the 1143. Its as simple as that.

Does 1143 stop the R3VOLution? hell no.

Rand/Napolitano 2016 ... and for that reason, Obama gets my vote.

(A Romney win means no GOP race four years from now, which means a Pres Romney either wins reelection or a Democrat beats him, in either case it would mean that the R3VOLution would have to wait 8 years, not 4 years, to campaign for Rand/Napolitano. Hence, Obama gets my vote. And who cares, there is not a dimes worth of difference between Obama and Romney anyway, so best for us is to have Obama win.}


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