Comment: I feel strangly confident today

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I feel strangly confident today

moreso than I have throughout this election. Not sure why. Maybe the mainstream media/establishment's house of cards will come tumbling down, I don't know, but for some reason the votes today didn't phase me. Seems like just more evidence that the vote is rigged. Rigged througout this primary season by both fraudulent vote counting and by the corporate owned media's influence.

It is becoming more and more evident as our forfathers' wisdom comes to light in their design of the caucus and delegate system to safeguard against a rigged election. This year's primary is the most blatant example of a rigged election in the nation's history and I really think more and more americans who actually participate are realizing this, even those who initially supported Romney. Many have noticed something is fishy and consequently; have done their research.

I don't know why but I was completely content with the election results today and didn't even bother checking, knew mitt would win by a landslide in the popular vote. Guess that's why our founders didn't make the popular vote system our system of election although it is the form of democracy we push on other countries to control their elections. I really think the bad guys are going to be exposed soon, and when they do, as has been seen in history, the masses will come down on them in revolt. They can keep their cake.