Comment: As a relative newcomer and

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As a relative newcomer and

As a relative newcomer and absolute outsider I find DP one of the most fascinating communities I have found online (and I've been online for a long, long time). Truly inspiring, so many thanks to everyone that makes a positive contribution here and most of all Michael Nystrom for his tireless effort in keeping the place running as well as it does.

I'd say, don't worry about the trolls. Any good forum has it's trolls and our movement most of all should be open to all kinds of information, opinion and debate. Let's cherish the disagreements we have, that's where our energy comes from and the true strength of the movement and our ideas. If you want to frame in a way that speaks to Tea Party christians, you can. If you want it to speak to more left-wing oriented folks, you can. And everything in between. We are the only movement that speaks to everyone.. and so we should.

And to all the delegates and other boots on the ground: much respect and keep on keeping on!