Comment: The world is not black and white

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The world is not black and white

I would love to see Ron Paul become president. I did all I could to make that happen. What I saw and heard in that process is more than I can type out in a few minutes - or a few weeks.
I was a doe-eyed apolitical "sheep" when I got into politics for Ron Paul, in 2008. I won't even get into what I saw at the national level, I will stick to local politics. When we lost in 2008 we expected it, and the push was to make inroads locally. I did, got in cozy with the GOP in Idaho. While I was trying to start grassfires, I managed to cross a local politician. Rather than join forces with me and help channel my "newbie" energy, he stabbed me in the back and fought me at every turn. He is the big hero this year, making videos where he introduces himself as "Idaho's most effective political activist." The "coalition" he built in the GOP consisted of kissing the butt of 2 men in Idaho's GOP who do not endorse RP, do not talk like RP, do not share any of the important views of RP. But they have "big names" so everyone followed them blindly, and helped them change our primary into this debacle of a caucus.
We could have taken this state, fair and square. I won't begin to enumerate the screw ups, but I am going to spit this out:
SIGN WAVES DO NOTHING BUT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD. I will leave that at that. Instead of winning Idaho, we were handed our butts and now are expected to go to the Convention and try to "suspend the rules" to win delegates. Read the article for yourself, this strategy is being used to make Ron Paul supporters look like back-stabbing, dirty politicians, and I am sure you will see that repeated at every turn. While vote and election fraud plays out right under their noses, Americans are being told Ron Paul supporters are playing dirty and disenfranchising them. You say even if we lose, we win. I say even if we win, we lose. This is about doing the RIGHT thing, not picking the lesser of 2 evils, right? It is about a message, not a White House, right?
Then TRUTH needs to trump political agendas. Everybody has a pet issue - the Fed, the war, the immigration policy.... but what is destroying our nation and our world can be summed up in one word: LIES.
I don't know what to say about Ron Paul any more. I honestly think he is one of the finest humans on the planet, but he "has to" play politics and I see no redemption at all without TRUTH being the heart of the effort.
Here is how game playing is biting the local politicans in the butt:
Rod Beck is supposed to be an ally, as is Raul "Israel First" Labrador.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.